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The Journalism class @ the University of Johannesburg are proud to present the launch of the free weekly news website: Global Edge Media. And would like you invite you to participate.

Global Edge Media (or GEM) is a student written and edited version of the news in your world. Released weekly it seeks to bring a fresh edge to the way you see news using both traditional forms of news writing and modern methods of review and opinion.

GEM is divided into 7 separate news categories covering topics as familiar as current affairs and sports and as unique as religion and photo journalism. The site aims to provide content that is of relevance and interest to all groups of people.

The easy-to-navigate interface allows users to get the content they want when they want it with a blog style format which allows for easy reading and easy article retrieval via the archive and tag functions

Life is all about interaction and never before has interacting with the news been so effortless and enjoyable. Participate in weekly polls, communicate with writers or even friends with our elegant chat rooms or get assistance with the latest academic developments in academic Q&A sessions.

 As a community/class room skills development tool It provides a platform for all journalism students to develop their writing skills and practice their craft on the effortless and engaging format that the internet provides.


As GEM is a community/ class development program it relies on the contribution of all journalism students. Contributing an article to the site is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ... 4 and 5

         1. Visit the site

       2.  Scroll below

        3.     Choose a category to write under

        4.  Submit your article to the email address listed next to the category chosen

        5.   See your article published in the next edition


      Contact us

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Alternatively email us at:

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