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One to Watch

Posted by Kyle A. zeeman on Monday, July 23, 2012 In : Music 


In Celebration of Africa and its music.


“One day I hope to bring joy and awareness to the human race through my music” explains African traditional vocalist Rikson.

Born both blind and amidst political upheaval in Eastern DRC, Rikson used music as a way to “see” and express the world around him.  He moved to South Africa four years ago in hope of getting a bigger market for his music. He has been writing and performing for 12 years both in his home country of Congo and i...

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Rising Star: Gail Nkoane

Posted by Suzi Broom on Saturday, July 14, 2012


Most of us will know Gail Nkoane as Lelo Sedibe, a fashion editor in Mnets soap opera, The Wild. Gail, who was born and Bloemfontein and raised in Kimberly is on her way up in the world. In addition to a growing career in acting, she also runs her own events company with her father. One may begin to ask how much more this 27- year –old can take on.  The answer to that is a singing career, which is waiting in the wings in the form of a debut album. After both her mother and brother passed a...

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Movie Review – The Dictator

Posted by Matt Cryer on Friday, July 6, 2012 In : Movies 
Another controversial Sacha Baron Cohen movie is set to be released in South Africa on July 6th.

Having managed to watch a copy of The Dictator last week, whether you hate or love Cohen, he and Director Larry Charles have produced another touchy shocker of a film. 

Much like Cohen’s film Borat, The Dictator is undoubtedly going to have many people offended. Hot topics that are bound to leave certain groups unhappy include the slander on Middle-Eastern culture, woman’s rights, gay rights, ...

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Exams Playlist Part 2

Posted by Matt Cryer on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For today's installment of my favorite bands on my Exams Playlist, here are two new groups worth having a look at.

A band I have started to appreciate over the past year is Neon Trees. There first big single most known was ‘Animal’ which came out 2 years ago. Since then they have had a couple great follow up songs such as ‘Our War’ and ‘1983’. This is one of those bands that seem to be slightly unappreciated for the music they have produced over the last couple years.

Rogue Wave i...

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My Exams Playlist

Posted by Matt Cryer on Monday, June 11, 2012


During the stressful exam times I often have one big playlist of chilled-out music to keep me going. As much as I love to listen to heavy rock and rap when I drive, or dubstep and house when I go out, I also love to listen to easy-going alternative when I’m just at home. That’s why instead of giving a single musician review, I have decided to mix it up with the different artists on my playlist as a whole. Starting this playlist will be some good songs and bands leading up to my favourite...

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Posted by Matt Cryer on Sunday, May 13, 2012 In : Music 

If its Indie Rock n’ Roll you into and you have somehow never heard The Black Keys, well… you most likely live under a rock. Regardless, if you into the alternative indie music scene, this is a band worth checking out. The Black Keys have been receiving a lot of attention over the last two years, producing two solid albums, Brothers and El Camino. El Camino, their current album includes two of their biggest hits, Lonely Boy and Gold On The Ceiling, which can be heard on most rock radio ...

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And the SAMA 18 Winners Are.....

Posted by Suzi Broom on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 In : Music 

Best Alternative Album

The Dirty Skirts for Lost In The Fall


Best Kiddies Album

Wendy Oldfield for Singalong Kidz Volume 2


Best Smooth Urban Music Album

Zahara for Loliwe


Best Contemporary Faith Music Album

The Plain Truth – We Are The Shining Ones


Best Classical and Instrumental Album

CH2 for Ping


Best Collaboration

Zahara featuring Georgy for Incwad’Encane


Best Jazz Album

Jimmy Dludlu for Tonota


Best Pop Album

Lloyd Cele for One


Best African Adu...

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Rumor has it

Posted by Alexandria Mxolisi Simanga on Monday, April 16, 2012 In : gossip 


The ink on their divorce papers is not even dry and this celebville stars have already moved on with their lives

Following her divorce from Kris Humphrey, the not so talented Kim kardashian is rumored to be dating the egoist rapper kanye west. The two were seen together on countless dinner dates, and one hunger games movie night.  Not only did She not  last  her marriage with kris Humprey's but she also did not last at being single.

Kris Jenner, Kim's mother, seemed to have taken the ...

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Google street view shockers

Posted by forward thinkerZee on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 In : techno 
We’ve all used google maps to get somewhere we needed to be and occasionally we’ll use the handy street view tool to visualise our destination. In short it can be a handy tool but it also has the ability to entertain and surprise. The GEM team decided to scour the net for the funniest pics caught by the infamous google street view camera and show what crazy things can happen on the street when you think no one is looking. Below we highlight just a few. Enjoy.

The infamous death

This picture...
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Silent Hill: Downpour

Posted by Ismail Fadal on Thursday, November 24, 2011 In : Games 

Wow playing Silent Hill on the playstation always provided a freaky yet scary experience, poor Harry Mason. Since then the Silent Hill games have been evolving into the fantastic Silent Hill games we play today. Look at Silent Hill Shattered memories, it’s a reimagining of the first Silent Hill, the time the game plays you as much as you play it, the responses you gave in fact changed the way creatures and the environment appeared.

 The year 2012 will be the year of release of the new Silen...

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