Essence Tshuma - Bookstore

·        Books like anything in the world mean a lot to me and I believe they have the potential to take me just about anywhere in the world.

·       I love my stereo -particularly old school jams.

·        I am a peoples person and assertive.

        ·        Favourite Quotes: “An emotional intelligent person does not seek validation from others” and “when you lose, do not lose the lesson.”


Gina Robb- Lifestyle & Gallery 

  •  Loves literature and music
  • Soccer fanatic
  • Half Italian and half Scottish
  • Biggest Sushi fan
  • Role models: Kevin Carter and Ken Oosterbroek
  • Photography lover




                                               Kay Selisho- Fashion

 *Child of Africa, descendant of Zambia and proudly South African.

* Prospective Queen of the urban jungle.

*Highly interested in fashion, make-up application, hair styling, music, dance, TV series, movies, magazines, novels and the inner workings of the overall music industry.

*Fashion icons : Rihanna, Jeannie Mai, Keri Hilson, Chanel Iman, Serena van der Woodsen (yes, the character) and our very own Bonang Matheba.




Kyle Zeeman- Sport

  • British Inde head.
  • Jams to Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire.
  • Served a humanitarian/ Proselyting Mission in Kwa-Zulu Natal for 2 years
  • Supporter of Lions, Sundowns and Manchester United.
  • Mormon.





Matt Cryer- Entertainment 

- Born in South Africa, but lived in the US as a teenager for 5 years.

-Enjoys having a laugh with his friends, a simple braai and good music.

-Lives for music ranging from old school rap to Indie Rock.

-Studying at UJ, hopes to go into broadcast Journalism. 

-Huge Supporter of Liverpool, The Sharks, The New York Giants and the Yankees.





Nicole Timmerman - Religion  

Likes: Colouring colouring books ,dancing

Christian (pentacostal)


Very talkative

Favourite saying:  "I wish I were from new jersey"



Suzi Broom- Lifestyle 


  • Passionate about: Theatre, Writing and Jelly Babies.
  • Huge fan of South African Bands - any of them.  
  • Always looking to be inspired.
  • Favorite Quote: "Every great dream starts with a dreamer."






Zandile Ngubeni- Current Affairs 













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