Issue of the Week: Xenophobia On The Edge Of Boiling Point AGAIN

July 20, 2012

South Africa came under extreme international criticism in 2008, when over 60 people were killed and over 600 wounded during the xenophobia attacks in 2008. Civil rights groups have warned that the country is “dangerously close to boiling point”.

This is a result of the xenophobic attacks on Somali shopkeepers and other foreigners in Cape Town and the Free State this past week. The director of Passop- People against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty- Braam Hanekom has blamed the attacks on the ANC’s document “Peace and Stability” in which the party calls for the stringent of laws against trading by foreigners.

“There is a claim in the document that 95% of asylum seekers are not legitimate refugees. This is demonising refugees. The claim is being made before the asylum seekers are judged by the Department of Home affairs.

It is reported that in the Mitchells Plain Beacon Valley section, four shops were attacked on Wednesday night by masked men who allegedly broke into the shops and assaulted the Somali refugees. One of the Somali shop owners was quoted saying; “I escaped the violence in my country and thought South Africa would accept us and help us rebuild our lives, but it is just as bad here”.

It is said that the ANC also wants a monitoring system to be established to ensure that the whereabouts of asylum seekers are known.

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Issue of the week: A call to ban the Tender System

July 9, 2012
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Issue of the Week: SA Education System Failing the Youth.

June 25, 2012


A recent study conducted by a South African survey showed that the country invests more money into public education than any other emerging market, yet we still have high levels of illiteracy.

It is no doubt that the South African education system is a disgrace and a scandal, a scandal in sense that we are a country that seems to not take education very seriously.

If one can look at countries such as Zimbabwe and Tanzania, they have excellent learning systems and i...

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